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Long Beach Rescue Mission offers several faith-based programs for men and women who are looking to make a new start. Through dedicated counseling, training, and education, our goal is to return them as productive members of the community.

Our Life-Change Programs include:

New Life Program


Aimed at transforming the whole person, our elective New Life Program offers education and spiritual guidance to overcome a person’s deeper challenges and addictions. In this year-long residential discipleship program, men and women build a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ, becoming reconciled to God and themselves, and returning to become productive members of the community. The program begins with a two-week period called “Sit and Pray.” This time is spent praying for guidance and preparing for a one-year journey toward life change.

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Our New Life Program addresses important life issues and questions:

  • Gaining clarity on their situation and/or addiction
  • Identifying physical, mental and academic needs
  • Setting personal, academic and program goals
  • Learning positive life skills and techniques
  • Realizing God’s purpose for their life
  • Developing academic, social and communication skills
  • Working on self-esteem and identity
  • Addressing any legal concerns
  • Learning relapse prevention
  • Accepting God’s grace and transforming power
  • Releasing the shame, guilt, anger and sorrow of the past
  • Continuing work on academic goals
  • Learning inherent strengths and abilities
  • Practicing self-sufficiency
  • Acquiring employment and financial management skills
  • Completing academic goals


After completing 10 months of their program, individuals can begin to look for employment and start to work on identifying independent living while they complete their 1 – year commitment.

For more information about the program please contact Shawn Purdy, New Life Program Coordinator at (562) 591-1292, ext. 204, or contact spurdy@lbrm.org.

Case Management


Once their immediate needs have been met, our guests are encouraged to take advantage of our Case Management program. Offering up to 90 days of emotional, practical and spiritual support, it leverages partnerships with other local agencies to provide a framework for rebuilding lives.

The Case Management Program was designed for individuals that have become disconnected from being able to sustain themselves independently in life, and not designed for individuals battling with addiction.  It focuses on three goals –

  • Obtaining Work
  • School
  • Housing


For more information on the Case Management services please contact:

Men’s Case Management: Stefan Kraft, Case Manager, ext. 203; email: skraft@lbrm.org
Women’s Case Management: Maggie Astilleros (562) 591-1292  ext. 302

Bridge Program


With hard work, prayer and hope, our New Life graduates are ready to rejoin mainstream society. But negligible skills, employment gaps and/or sketchy work experience can weigh them down. Our Bridge Program aims to alleviate that by offering weekly counseling, assistance securing employment apprenticeships, continuing education and housing.

For more information on the Bridge Program, please contact Ricky Sanders at (562) 591-1292  ext. 200

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For more information about this program, please contact (562) 591-1292  ext. 203.


Resident Apprentice Program

The Resident Apprenticeship is a part-time temporary position and is part of the Bridge/Work program.

This program is customized to help meet the needs and goals of select New Life Program graduates. The purpose of this program is to promote balance and stability based on Biblical principles with the expectation of remaining accountable to Bridge Program guidelines, all while preparing for independent living.

The Resident Apprenticeship program seeks to further rehabilitate and equip graduates for employment. Program members will sharpen their soft skills, increasing their ability to maintain a job once one is obtained. Residents will focus on developing life skills such as responsibility and punctuality in an effort to increase their employability.


Transitional Housing Program

Making the transition from security of a live-in program to being an active participant in society can feel overwhelming. After finding gainful employment, the next challenge our residents face is finding affordable housing. The Transitional Housing Program seeks to provide affordable housing and help our graduates adjust to the new pressures and responsibilities they face.

The Transitional Housing Program is a short-term/ transitional residential program for men and women who are graduates of the New Life Program and have a source of income. The goal of this program is to provide a stable living situation where residents can save a larger percentage of their income while transitioning from life in a program to life within society.

Included in this program is continued as management with a Counselor, who will help develop an action plan for each resident while providing accountability and life coaching.

Interested in joining in one of our programs?

For more information contact our Torie Russell, Program Director; email: trussell@lbrm.org

Interested in joining in one of our programs?

For more information contact our Torie Russell, Program Director; email: trussell@lbrm.org

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