Prayer Requests

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Thank you for being willing to pray. Please pray for:


Our Guests

– Those we serve on a daily basis—that they will be able to handle the challenges of homelessness and that God would provide for their needs.


Our New Life Program participants

– As they make choices to get back on track in their lives!


Our Staff

– As we seek to serve those in need. Please pray that we can be a source of spiritual encouragement and support. Pray also that God would use our staff to effectively help people overcome homelessness and discover a better life.


Our Partner Organizations

– Who work hard with us to make a difference.


Our Community

– Long Beach is a city of 500,000. But 4,000 people are dealing with homelessness in some manner each night. At least 500 of them are children. Pray that our community would respond to the opportunity to meet these needs.


Our City Officials

– Who work hard to serve every citizen—that they would be blessed with wisdom on the many issues they face, including homelessness.