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Food. Shelter. Clean clothing and a warm bed for 7 days. No questions asked. Beyond easing acute physical distress, our emergency services are a pivotal starting point – giving homeless and hungry men, women, and children a chance to rest, reflect and see the possibility of a better life.

Our shelter locations offer more than 40,000 nights of safe shelter each year to those in need.

Offering food, rest, clothing, hygiene – along with kindness and understanding – our 140-bed Samaritan House is a refuge from daily despair for many homeless men, providing a way off the streets and help getting them on to the road to recovery.

Intake at Samaritan House is open 9:00 – 10:00 am Monday – Friday, or you may call us directly to make an appointment for an intake interview at (562) 591-1292.

We do not currently offer walk-in or emergency shelter for women, children or families. For referrals and walk-in services for families, please visit the Long Beach Multi-Service Center at 1301 W. 12th Street, LB 90813 or call (562) 570-4500.

Here’s how YOU can help!

A hot meal for a homeless man, woman or child is just $2.20!

Your $50.60 donation will provide about 23 hot, nourishing meals.

Give today to help with meals & care. Give monthly to help all year.