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Food. Shelter. Clean clothing and a warm bed for 7 days. No questions asked. Beyond easing acute physical distress, our emergency services are a pivotal starting point – giving homeless and hungry men, women, and children a chance to rest, reflect and see the possibility of a better life.

Our shelter locations offer more than 40,000 nights of safe shelter each year to those in need.

Offering food, rest, clothing, hygiene – along with kindness and understanding – our 140-bed Samaritan House is a refuge from daily despair for many homeless men, providing a way off the streets and help getting them on to the road to recovery.

Long Beach Rescue Mission offers shelter for men at the Samaritan House located at 1335 Pacific Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813.

Intake at Samaritan House is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday – Friday or call our reception desk 24 hours a day at (562) 591-1292 for immediate assistance.

Long Beach Rescue Mission offers shelter for women and children at the Lydia House located at 1400 Pacific Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813.

Intake is by appointment only. Please contact us at 562-591-1292 for assistance.

Here’s how YOU can help!

A hot meal for a homeless man, woman or child is just $2.43!

Your $50.60 donation will provide about 21 hot, nourishing meals.

Give today to help with meals & care. Give monthly to help all year.