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If your goal is to: Then you can: And your benefits may include:
Make a quick and easy gift Simply write a check now, or give through our secure online process. An income tax deduction and immediate impact on us.
Learn more about charitable giving ideas. Read our Gift Planning Options Fact-Sheet.
Gift Planning Options
Helps you focus on which type of gift could benefit you the most.
Leave a legacy of your support. Name the Mission as a beneficiary in your Estate Plan.
Wills & Bequests
Continues your investment in the Ministry after you are gone. Your gifts are exempt from federal estate tax.
Make a revocable gift during your lifetime. Name us as the beneficiary of assets in a living trust.
Revocable Living Trusts
Full control of the trust terms for your lifetime.
Avoid tax on capital gains. Contribute long-term appreciated property such as stock, real estate or other securities.
Gifts of Appreciated Property
A charitable deduction with no capital gains tax.
Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free. Create a charitable gift annuity
Charitable Gift Annuity
Current and future savings on income taxes plus fixed, stable payments
Avoid the double taxation on IRA, 401k or other retirement plans. Name us as the beneficiary of the remainder of the retirement assets after your lifetime.
Gifts of Retirement Assets
Allows you to leave your family other assets that carry less tax liability.
Make a large gift with little cost to you. Contribute a life insurance policy you no longer need.
Gifts of Life Insurance
Current and possibly future income tax deductions.
Turn an Appreciated Asset into a Lifetime Income, then leave it to the organizations you care about. Create a charitable remainder trust.
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Gives you tax benefits and often boosts your rate of return. Fixed payments for life while avoiding market risks. (Annuity Trust) Hedge against inflation over the long term. (Unitrust)
Give your personal residence or farm, but retain life use. Create a charitable gift of future interest, called a retained life estate.
Gifts of Appreciated Property
Gives you tax advantages plus use of the property.
Give income from an asset for a period of years but retain the asset for yourself or your heirs. Create a charitable lead trust.
Gifts of Appreciated Property
Asset is returned to the donor or heirs with federal estate tax savings and income tax deductions for income donated.
Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate. Donate the real estate to us, or sell it to us at a bargain price.
Gifts of Appreciated Property
An income tax reduction plus reduction or elimination of capital gains tax

Please note, individual financial circumstances will vary; click here to read more.