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The LBRM-Fdn Gift Annuity Program

How a Charitable Gift Annuity from Long Beach Rescue Mission Foundation could help you receive a greater income.

The LBRM-Fdn Gift Annuity is a gift and income arrangement in which an individual or couple makes a gift of cash, stocks or bonds to Long Beach Rescue Mission Foundation in exchange for a guaranteed income for life, significant tax benefits and an excellent rate of return.

The LBRM-Fdn Gift Annuity works for you by providing significant financial advantages, as well as the satisfaction of helping support the work here at Long Beach Rescue Mission Foundation.

Types of Annuity Arrangements

Several annuity arrangements are available to meet your planning needs:

  • Single-Life annuities provide income for one life and terminate when the annuitant dies.
  • Two-Life annuities pay income to two persons for life with the second person continuing to receive the same income after the first death.
  • Deferred annuities allow you to delay income payments to a date in the future of your choice. They offer a higher rate of return and are an excellent supplement to retirement plans, particularly if you are under age 60.

Rate of Return

Your annuity payment will be determined by the number of people involved, and your age when the annuity is issued. Capital gains tax can also be reduced if you fund your annuity with long-term, appreciated securities.

The chart to the right illustrates the rates for one life.

Example of a Single-Life Annuity

Mrs. Jones is 74 years old. She would like to make a gift in the amount of $10,000, but still needs a secure income. If Mrs. Jones chooses to make her gift in the form of a LBRM-Fdn Gift Annuity, she can receive:

  • $690 per year, or a 6.9% return for life.
  • An income tax charitable deduction of $5,431 in the year of her gift, if she itemizes.
  • A portion of her annual income ($360) as tax-free return of principal for her life expectancy.

Through the establishment of her LBRM-Fdn Gift Annuity, Mrs. Jones can achieve both of her planning goals ‒ to make a charitable gift and receive a great income.

Easy to Establish

  • If you would like to establish a gift annuity, you may do so for as little as $10,000. To begin the process, simply complete the attached inquiry form and return it to our office. You will receive a specific proposal which shows how much the income payments will be, the rate of return, and the tax benefits you should expect to receive from your annuity. Your inquiry places you under no obligation.If you would like to fund your annuity with appreciated stocks or bonds, please let us know the value on the inquiry form. We will contact you if additional information is needed.If, after you have reviewed your proposal, you decide to establish an annuity, simply sign the application and return it to us with your enclosed check. You will receive your signed annuity agreement and the process will be complete. Remember, there is no limit to the number of annuities you may establish.

If You Have Questions…

For further information on the benefits of LBRM-Fdn Gift Annuity or any other planning options please contact us by calling (562) 591-1292 or or email. Your inquiry places you under no obligation.

If you choose to include Long Beach Rescue Mission Foundation in your will, would you please notify us by completing the Estate Intention Form PDF We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support.


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