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Learning Centers

Men's Learning CenterThe Long Beach Rescue Mission’s New Life Program provides the essential tools and services needed to help men and women adapt and prepare for a life of self-sufficiency. The central component in providing these tools and services is our Workforce Development Program, which is greatly facilitated by two learning centers, one for men and the Samaritan House, and the other for women at the Lydia House.

Under the guidance of staff and a dedicated team of volunteers, we provide the tools, resources and skill sets necessary for an individual to remove the barriers preventing them from finding work in the competitive job market, and to maintain stable employment. Specific employment objectives within the program include:

  • providing a basic well-rounded education necessary to obtain and maintain employment
  • access to computers and internet for staying viable in today’s technology arena
  • provision of internships and identification of job opportunities
  • access to employment counseling
  • assistance with job search, resume construction and job acquisition
  • ongoing job support once the client acquires employment.

Women's Learning Center

In correlation with the Workforce Development Program, each client is also provided with financial literacy training that advocates the fundamentals of good financial stewardship. This teaches students to build a budget, resolve debt, avoid credit card misuse, start savings and checking accounts, and create a long-term financial plan.

Men's and Women's Learning Centers

In 2015 the Men’s Learning Center provided 14,820 individual career-coaching sessions for our homeless male clients and the Women’s Resource Center provided 8,320 career-coaching sessions for the women. Additionally, the career center staff provided 507 Employment Preparation classes for the clients, opened 200 savings accounts, and the most important outcome: graduated 119 men and women clients to independent living.

For more information about how to get involved in our Learning Center, including volunteering, please contact us by e-mail or at (562) 591-1292.