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Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter 


Samaritan House – Services for Men

Samaritan House is the first step on the road to recovery for many homeless men, thanks to the support of the Greater Long Beach Community. Our shelter locations offer more than 63,000 nights of safe shelter to those in need.

With the homeless population in the Greater Long Beach Area rising every year, the Samaritan House provides shelter for over 120 men each day. Offering food, rest, clothing, hygiene – along with kindness and understanding – our 140-bed Samaritan House is a refuge from daily despair for many homeless men, providing a way off the streets and help getting them on to the road to recovery.


Lydia House – Services for Women and Children

what_we_do_-_emergency_shelter_2.jpgIt’s a little-known fact that between 40-45% of homeless people in our community are women and children, and that number is growing. This is precisely why Lydia House is such an important part of Long Beach Rescue Mission.

Our 50-bed Lydia House provides solace and hope in the face of abuse, addiction, financial hardship and abandonment. Lydia House also assists many in finding more acute care facilities, while striving to move all guests into semi-permanent housing.

Lydia House services are not available to walk-ins or emergencies. For referrals and walk-in services for families, please visit the Long Beach Multi-Service Center at 1301 W. 12th Street, LB 90813 or call (562) 570-4500.