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"This place is a sanctuary."


Phillip moved to the United States from Jamaica 20 years ago to start a new life. “Jamaica is hard,” he says. “Gangsters terrorized my neighborhood. There were a lot of shoot outs. Some nights, I was lucky to get home.” 

He lived with his mother in Detroit and worked two jobs to help support them, but he wasn’t making any headway. “I got depressed and stopped praying and going to church,” he says.

Then he discovered that his mother had been gambling away their money. She moved out, and he was able to save enough to move to Long Beach. “My plan was to find a job and a place to stay. That would be my new life,” he says. 

Phillip lived in a motel here while looking for work, but his savings started to dwindle, so he came to Long Beach Rescue Mission and our New Life Program. 

“It’s what I needed. I got into the Bible, started praying and got closer to God once again,” he says. 

Phillip has graduated and is now in our transitional Bridge Program, staying at the Mission, and taking finance and job readiness classes. “They’re helping me get back into the work world,” he says. “God’s saved my life through this place. It’s a sanctuary.”

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