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"I made a promise...and kept it!"


Before she died of cancer, Rodney’s mother made him promise he would “clean up his life.”

His mother’s death wasn’t the only tragedy in Rodney’s life. His father, two uncles and an aunt all died within a couple years of each other. “We had funeral after funeral,” Rodney recalls, and though he’d been clean and sober for eight years, he began smoking “a little weed.”

His drug use led to a year in jail, and that led him to a decision: “At 54, I’m too old to be sitting around getting high.” That’s when Rodney decided to come back to the Mission and enter our New Life discipleship and recovery program.

“To keep from being a burden around the house, I used to come here before mom died to eat lunch. That’s how I heard about the New Life Program.”

Thanks to the Lord, Rodney’s been clean and sober for nearly three years!

But that’s not his only accomplishment.

Rodney’s faith has been strengthened. “I used to go to church and fall asleep. Now I get to listen to devotions every morning.”

The future’s looking bright. While here at the Mission, Rodney saved nearly $1,000 which he’ll use to set himself up in an apartment with his sister and grandmother. And, he’s hoping to get rehired in a maintenance job.

“The Lord’s been good to me. I’ve been blessed and He answered my prayers...I don’t have to sleep on the street, I’m not hungry, I’m not on drugs. I am so blessed.”

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