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In September, the Long Beach Rescue Mission will host the 35th Annual Long Beach Leadership Prayer Breakfast, a city-wide event “to unite community leaders throughout the city of Long Beach to pray together and receive God’s help, encouragement and blessings.”


Friday, September 15 2017, 7:00-9:00 a.m.
Hyatt Hotel: 200 S. Pine Ave., Long Beach

Our hats are off to (left to right) Laura, Belinda, Robert, Anthony, Devin and David, who celebrated their graduation from LBRM's New Life Program on Friday, July 14, putting an exclamation point on a year-long, life-transforming journey. Thank you to all the faithful supporters who made it possible!

Congratulations to our grads!

Giving Children the Opportunity to Succeed...

Once again, Long Beach Rescue Mission is committed to giving out thousands of backpacks filled with supplies to students in need.


In collaboration with Long Beach Unified School District, here are the selected middle schools that will benefit from this year's campaign:

  • Franklin
  • Lindbergh
  • Stephens
  • Washington
  • Lindsey
  • Robinson
  • Hamilton
  • Avalon (Catalina Island)
  • Jefferson

All backpacks are due before Thursday, August 17, 2017.

Is Long Beach Rescue Mission making a difference? Is it a good place in which to invest? Decide for yourself as you follow a three-part series by Unassuming Collective, whose mission is to share “stories, untold, brought to life.” It is stories like these which demonstrate how God is working through LBRM to change lives.

How LBRM is making a difference...


It was business as usual when Diana went to work one day at the Vons deli. “I was doing lots of lifting and all of a sudden I couldn't breathe,” she says. “I was hospitalized for eleven days, on oxygen, diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).”

Diana couldn’t return to work and, before long, had gone through all her savings. Then, she was evicted. However, a friend of hers knew the Supervisor of our Women’s New Life Program. “She called the Mission and the next day we were on our way here,” Diana says. “God is good. He takes care of us.”

Thanks to You!

Another festive Easter celebration (with food and Easter baskets in abundance) took place on Sunday at the Samaritan House—because of you! Your compassion has made it possible to instill hope in hundreds of members of our community. Thank you!

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1116_lbrm_nl_02.jpgMared had a successful career, a beautiful family and a bright future before him – but he was harboring a secret. “I’d been smoking weed since I was 15. It was a daily habit, like people drinking coffee.”

Then Mared was in a minor, work-related accident and a required drug test revealed his secret. “The company paid for drug rehab and said I could come back at the same pay, but my pride didn’t allow me to go back,” he says. “It was downhill from there. I lost my job and my marriage dissolved.”

Still Mared continued using and, within a year, found himself homeless.

3rd Annual Fundraising Gala a Great Success!

Our most heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors, attendees, guests and volunteers who contributed to making this year's Fundraising Gala a wonderful success. It's all about helping the homeless and changing lives, and we could not do it without you. Your Light Matters!

Our 2016 Sponsors

Our 2016 Sponsors

2016 Gala Photos


Phillip moved to the United States from Jamaica 20 years ago to start a new life. “Jamaica is hard,” he says. “Gangsters terrorized my neighborhood. There were a lot of shoot outs. Some nights, I was lucky to get home.” 

He lived with his mother in Detroit and worked two jobs to help support them, but he wasn’t making any headway. “I got depressed and stopped praying and going to church,” he says.

Then he discovered that his mother had been gambling away their money. She moved out, and he was able to save enough to move to Long Beach. “My plan was to find a job and a place to stay. That would be my new life,” he says. 


Fernando wanted to die.

Surgery for a brain aneurysm had left him unable to walk or speak. He was having to relearn everything. “I’d never sunk to that level of desperation or sadness before,” he says. 

His physical therapist challenged Fernando to stop feeling sorry for himself and try to walk. “She forced me, and my anger motivated me,” he says. 

Then she asked him if he believed in God. “I stopped believing in God a long time ago. I never talked to Him at that point,” Fernando says. “But she talked to me about Him a lot and insisted that I come to Long Beach Rescue Mission because it’s a good place if you really want to get close to God.”