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0917_lbrm_nl_02_0.jpgAfter an upbringing void of love, an addiction and a divorce, Hope found herself stranded in Mexico with her six children. She was led there by an abusive ex-boyfriend, a man she met after her divorce.

She struggled to provide food for her kids. She worked setting up a taco truck, cutting cabbage, any work she could find. A full day’s work would earn her, at most, $10.

But her kids were starving. Her ex-husband agreed to bring four children back to America and care for them. But life didn’t get any easier for Hope and her two babies. Her abusive ex-boyfriend had stolen her ID and paperwork, and he told her that there was a warrant for her arrest in America. She was worried if she came to the U.S., she would be arrested and her kids would be taken away from her.

Lydia House Chosen for Renovation Project

The Long Beach Community Foundation has selected Long Beach Rescue Mission for their 2017 National Philanthropy Day project. It is an honor to be chosen! Our board, staff and volunteers teamed up on October 21 to renovate the outdoor area and provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for residents of the Lydia House. Thank you, LBCF!

National Philanthropy Day at the Lydia House

Graduation Congratulations!

Five men and two women celebrated their graduation from LBRM's New Life Program on Friday, October 13. Their commitment, hard work, and trust in the Lord over the last year will serve them well in the days ahead. Congratulations! Learn more about our programs.

Learn more about our programs...

...Thanks to You!

The 2017 Long Beach Leadership Prayer Breakfast was a wonderful blessing, thanks to the Sponsors, Table Hosts, individuals guests and volunteers who collectively made it possible. The event included great food, music, and many inspiring words. But most of all, it accomplished its stated purpose: “to unite community leaders throughout the City of Long Beach to pray together and receive God’s help, encouragement and blessings.” See you again next year!

Our Sponsors

2017 Prayer Breakfast Sponsors

Thank you to the donors and volunteers who made it possible to distribute 1,400 backpacks to needy students of nine local middle schools this year. Your support is giving children the tools they need to succeed!

Giving Children the Opportunity to Succeed...

Thanksgiving Community Outreach!

Samaritan House
1335 Pacific Ave., Long Beach
Dinner: November 22, 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Breakfast: November 23, 7:00-10:00 a.m.

Each Thanksgiving season, Long Beach Rescue Mission prepares and serves thousands of meals to our neighbors in need. It takes an army of volunteers and donors to accomplish this and we're thankful for every one. You can be a part of making a difference by providing meals and care to people in the greater Long Beach area. Thank you!

Please put November 23 on your calendar now...

Marquin remembers when he was just four years old, listening to his parents fight in the other room. He was so frightened that he started to shake. “From then on, any time there was pressure, I’d shake,” he says. “A junior high friend told me to try wine or beer and it made me stop shaking. That's how I started drinking.”

Is Long Beach Rescue Mission making a difference? Is it a good place in which to invest? Decide for yourself as you follow a three-part series by Unassuming Collective, whose mission is to share “stories, untold, brought to life.” It is stories like these which demonstrate how God is working through LBRM to change lives.

How LBRM is making a difference...


It was business as usual when Diana went to work one day at the Vons deli. “I was doing lots of lifting and all of a sudden I couldn't breathe,” she says. “I was hospitalized for eleven days, on oxygen, diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).”

Diana couldn’t return to work and, before long, had gone through all her savings. Then, she was evicted. However, a friend of hers knew the Supervisor of our Women’s New Life Program. “She called the Mission and the next day we were on our way here,” Diana says. “God is good. He takes care of us.”

Thanks to You!

Another festive Easter celebration (with food and Easter baskets in abundance) took place on Sunday at the Samaritan House—because of you! Your compassion has made it possible to instill hope in hundreds of members of our community. Thank you!

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