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“You can’t drink away your problems.”

Steve was hit with unimaginable loss.

“I had two tragedies within about a month. My son was killed, and then my wife died of an overdose.”

Steve was devastated after their deaths, and began drinking heavily. He ended up in the hospital multiple times from alcohol poisoning. It cost him his job, and he became homeless.

“I felt lost. I was a family man, and we did everything together. I wasn’t the same person. I had to learn how to deal with that type of death being so close.”

A psychiatrist at the hospital told Steve he needed to get help to stop drinking. Steve came to Long Beach Rescue Mission, and that was when his entire outlook changed.



You're invited to the 37th Annual Long Beach Leadership Prayer Breakfast, where we focus on strength and community.

Friday September 20, 2019 


Maya Hotel 700 Queensway Drive

Long Beach, CA 90802


Download your Summer Prayer Guide! Our homeless and hurting neighbors need your prayers… They also need meals and shelter this summer as many are struggling to get by. 

Your prayers and support will bless their lives this summer! Follow our guide to pray for them – and reach out with God’s love to provide nourishing meals, safe shelter and long-term care guests at Long Beach Rescue Mission need to get back on their feet.

Give your most generous gift now to help those who are homeless, hungry and hurting in the Greater Long Beach area.


Get your tickets today! LBRM’s annual fundraising event, “Your Light Matters,” is coming up on Friday, June 21 – and you’re invited! Please RSVP by June 15 to save your seat. 



When David’s mother and father died within a few years of each other, David fell into depression. His social drinking rapidly escalated. “I was just trying to put the pain and the hurt in alcohol. Trying to numb myself.”

David spent years drinking to excess due to anxiety and depression. He was desperate enough to consider attempting suicide several times, but something always stopped him. “A voice popped in my head and said, ‘Do you really want your son to come home and find you?’”

When a friend announced that he was coming to Long Beach Rescue Mission, David decided to join him and come get help. And that was the moment everything changed.

“Before I came to the Mission, I was lost. I had never even opened a Bible before. When I ended up coming here, it felt like a signal from God.”


“I was broken, and then God touched my heart.”

Vincent grew up in a biracial household and struggled with self-esteem issues – particularly since he was a frequent victim of his father’s abuse. He turned to drugs and alcohol at the age of 14 to cope.

The more his relationships with women and family members failed, the more he drank to counter the self-hatred he felt. In his 40s, Vincent hit rock bottom when his mother kicked him out of the house after an argument, and he ended up on the streets. During that time, the Lord spoke to Vincent for the first time through the unlikeliest of sources – a library book.

Free Gifts, Food & More

On Saturday, January 19, from 10AM to 1PM, an Act of Love event, organized by New Generations, and sponsored by Food Finders, Long Beach Fire Department, and Senator Ricardo Lara, will be held at the Samaritan House's Pacific & Anaheim parking lot. There will be free gifts, food, games, face painting and clothing for all. Join the fun! 

An act of love!

Changing Lives is What it's All About

Congratulations to the four men and two women who celebrated, along with friends, comrades and family, their graduation from the Mission's year-long New Life Program on Friday night. And thanks to all of the behind-the-scenes supporters who gave of their finances, time, encouragement and prayer to allow this day to come.

This is what it's all about—changed lives! If you couldn't make it, put early April on your calendar for the next one!

New Life Program graduation!

A Blessing to All...

LBRM's annual Christmas dinner and breakfast were a blessing, not only to our homeless neighbors, but every bit as much to the many donors and volunteers who gave of their time, effort and resources to make it happen. Judging from the faces of both the givers and receivers, it was difficult to tell which ones were more blessed!

Christmas Dinner and Breakfast 2018