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“I was broken, and then God touched my heart.”

Vincent grew up in a biracial household and struggled with self-esteem issues – particularly since he was a frequent victim of his father’s abuse. He turned to drugs and alcohol at the age of 14 to cope.

The more his relationships with women and family members failed, the more he drank to counter the self-hatred he felt. In his 40s, Vincent hit rock bottom when his mother kicked him out of the house after an argument, and he ended up on the streets. During that time, the Lord spoke to Vincent for the first time through the unlikeliest of sources – a library book.

Free Gifts, Food & More

On Saturday, January 19, from 10AM to 1PM, an Act of Love event, organized by New Generations, and sponsored by Food Finders, Long Beach Fire Department, and Senator Ricardo Lara, will be held at the Samaritan House's Pacific & Anaheim parking lot. There will be free gifts, food, games, face painting and clothing for all. Join the fun! 

An act of love!

Changing Lives is What it's All About

Congratulations to the four men and two women who celebrated, along with friends, comrades and family, their graduation from the Mission's year-long New Life Program on Friday night. And thanks to all of the behind-the-scenes supporters who gave of their finances, time, encouragement and prayer to allow this day to come.

This is what it's all about—changed lives! If you couldn't make it, put early April on your calendar for the next one!

New Life Program graduation!

A Blessing to All...

LBRM's annual Christmas dinner and breakfast were a blessing, not only to our homeless neighbors, but every bit as much to the many donors and volunteers who gave of their time, effort and resources to make it happen. Judging from the faces of both the givers and receivers, it was difficult to tell which ones were more blessed!

Christmas Dinner and Breakfast 2018

Sharing the Love of Christ

There's nothing like bringing the love of Christ into the lives of those who would not otherwise experience it, and on December 15, we were able to do just that at our annual Christmas Toy Giveaway. Over 700 children, either staying at the Mission, or from impoverished families in our community, will have a gift to open on Christmas morning because of you, our faithful donors and volunteers, God bless you!

Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway 2018

kellywilson.mr32_16_article_0.jpg“BEING HOMELESS on the streets was the MOST MISERABLE I’d been.”

abduladbullah.mr5_3_for_articlre.jpgAbdul used to be a professional boxer, and he learned the hard way that sometimes life hits you back.

Turning Hunger Into Hope

It's all about PEOPLE—hungry, homeless and discouraged people in need of help. And it's all about helping in such a way that these same people are infused with hope for the future. That's why YOUR donations, volunteer hours and kind support of this year's Thanksgiving outreach were so crucial. Through the thousands of meals served, YOU made an impact on our Long Beach neighbors in need which cannot be quantified. And we've learned throughout the years how these same meals are often, and for many, the first steps on the road to fruitful recovery. Thank you!

Turning hunger into hope!

Thanks to You!

Thanks to the sponsors, table hosts, individuals guests and volunteers who collectively made it possible, the 2018 Long Beach Leadership Prayer Breakfast was attended by hundreds of prayer partners who gathered “to receive God’s help, encouragement and blessings.” The event included great food, music, and many inspirational words. But most of all, it stayed true to its central purpose: to call on God for His help on behalf of the people of our community. If you missed it, learn more about it here, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

2018 Long Beach Leadership Prayer Breakfast

To kick off the 2018-2019 school year, well over 1,000 backpacks equipped with essential school supplies were distributed to students of nine LBUSD middle schools. THANK YOU to the hundreds of donors and volunteers who engaged in this community effort to give children the opportunity to succeed!

Annual Back-to-School Backpack Drive