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New Life Program


Aimed at transforming the whole person, our elective New Life Program offers education and spiritual guidance to overcome a person’s deeper challenges and addictions. In this year-long residential discipleship program, men and women build a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ, becoming reconciled to God and themselves, and returning to become productive members of the community.

Our New Life Program encompasses five important phases:

Phase 1: 60-day probationary period

  • Gaining clarity on their situation and addiction
  • Identifying physical, mental and academic needs
  • Setting personal, academic and program goals
  • Learning positive life skills and techniques



Phase 2: Three months

  • Realizing God’s purpose for their life
  • Developing academic, social and communication skills
  • Working on self-esteem and identity
  • Addressing any legal concerns
  • Learning relapse prevention




Phase 3: Four months

  • Accepting God’s grace and transforming power
  • Releasing the shame, guilt, anger and sorrow of the past
  • Continuing work on academic goals
  • Learning their inherent strengths and abilities




Phase 4: Six months

  • Practicing self-sufficiency
  • Acquiring employment and financial management skills
  • Completing academic goals