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"God has a purpose for my life!"


It’s hard to know where to start sharing Kelly’s story.

Since her mother was a heroin addict, Kelly and her siblings bounced around from family members to foster homes and group homes.

Then Kelly began using drugs herself when she was just 11 or 12.

Later in life, all of her living children, who now range in age from 3 to 23, were all taken from her care at one time or another because of drug use.

Is there a bright spot, a silver lining in what seems like a tragic life? YES! Because today, thanks to your support, Kelly knows that “God has a purpose!”

Kelly’s exposure to drugs came first through her mother, a heroin addict who neglected to care for her children.

As the oldest, Kelly always felt she had to protect her younger siblings, putting burdens on her that she never should have had. “They arrested my mom when I was eight, so it was pretty much me taking care of my brothers and sisters.”

Kelly was just 11 when she began using drugs herself.

Then, she began having children of her own. “I just wanted someone who would love me,” she says. “I was trying to fill a void in my life...the nurturing and loving tenderness I missed out on as a child.”

Because of her continuing struggles with drugs, Kelly lost her children, one by one.

Kelly and her husband fought to get their children back. He went into a program, she stayed clean for nearly seven years, but there was just too much going against them. “I have court reports that say I was loving and nurturing...if this is true, how could they say I was a terrible mom?”

Finally, down to 115 pounds and looking like “a walking corpse,” Kelly came to Lydia House.

“Now I know God has a better plan for me!”

Kelly has experienced numerous blessings since she’s been here at Lydia House and taken part in our New Life program. She’s in touch with one of the mothers who adopted two of her children. “Even though I can’t see them, they know that their mom is attempting to walk a Godly path.”

She’s also learned about forgiveness. “Forgiving yourself is very, very hard,” she says. “But I have been forgiven...and God is using me to help other women at the Mission.

“The Mission is amazing...and today I know that God has a purpose for me!”

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