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2018 Gala—Success Stories

4th Annual Gala Fundraiser—Your Light Matters!

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Why It Matters

We use the phrase "Your Light Matters" as the theme for our annual Gala Fundraiser. This is not a mere slogan, but the declaration of a truth that underlies the work we do to help the homeless, and change lives. We honestly could not fulfill this mission without the individual contributions of those who identify with, and support, this noble cause. The brief testimonies below are some of the many examples of why your light matters.


JasonJason once hoped he could somehow compensate for the poor choices which resulted in his need for the Mission's New Life Program, choices he now very much regrets. But an understanding of God's love and forgiveness for him has not only relieved him of that weight, but instilled in him a desire to help others come to that same understanding. 

Jason is now on staff at LBRM and extending God’s love to other men in need. He knows, through personal experience, that God will open doors which before seemed forever locked. He says, “All things are possible through Christ who loved us.”

MayraNow that Mayra has graduated LBRM's New Life Program, she looks forward to applying the relational skills she has developed in the hope of building something which was absent in her upbringing—a strong family foundation. Her relationships with her children and grandchildren have been restored, but Mayra looks forward to much more. 

When Mayra came to the Mission, she lacked confidence, spiritual guidance and the involvement of God in her life, all of which things she now enjoys. She has learned, in her personal growth, and in her relationships, that with God she can accomplish anything.